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The Online eLearning System

Connecting Teachers and Students for a better learning experience

System Features

Always Connected

Teachers and Students are always connected


Teachers can upload their videos

Online Assesment

Online assessments and exams

Simple User Interface

Browsing through courses is just like browsing any other website


Access the learning portal from anywhere in the world


Students are updated about events and can confirm attendance

Centralized Administration

Ability to control and administer every aspect on the network


System is accessible through all kind of devices

Unlimited Courses

There is no limit to the number of courses a teacher can create


You can sell courses online and accept payment through all major payment gateways

White Label

The Solution can be customized with the school branding

Export & Import

Export & Import capabilities for courses and users as well

m3lm in details

  • m3lm.com is a eLearning Management System, its features make it one of the top eLearning systems available online.
  • Most educational institutions who are using a eLearning system lack many features that are required for a successful educational process.
  • We at m3lm.com believe that cumulative and continuous process, teachers can enhance their courses year after year and stay connected with their students and add more value to the educational process.
  • The teacher can create as many courses as he wants and add his students manually or automatically for one or more courses, at the end of the semester the teacher can remove the students and keep a full record of their achievements.
  • The system has many user roles, that differ from each other and have different permissions to do certain tasks in the system.
  • Once a student logs in, he/she will be able to view the courses he is enrolled in, he can even view other courses from other teachers and ask for permission to access those courses in the case of preparing for next year during the summer vacation for example.
  • Students can view other student’s discussions on a specific course and enroll in the discussion and even send private messages to other users in the system.
  • The Student can as well book through the Office Hours feature to meet his teacher in office and book this appointment and get it confirmed by the teacher.
  • The student can view the upcoming events in the school and confirm his attendance and view other students who are attending as well.

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